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Colorful Cook, Branded Colorful Kitchen Utensil Sets

Colorful Cook branded sets are available for wholesale to retail shops and retail via marketing/sales/fullfillment outlets like Amazon



This is our 1st Holiday set, currently being produced by our Chineese Supplier Hopesun Enterprises...

This is a special stainless steel handled set of nylon utensils with a unique wall mounting rack - we currently have this set under development with our Chinese supplier Donsun

Packaging for this set will be a box that looks like this, except with pictures of our set which is like pictured above but with a slotted turner and the turquoise slotted spoon will be replaced by a flat whisk...

This is a colorful set of spatulas that we are developing with our Chinese supplier Youngly Plastics

Other Colorful Cook products are on the deawing board but we must develop sales of all of the above in order to create more capital supporting more production.  More to come soon...

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