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TOP TEN Reasons to Engage Executive Producer James Hopewell and his Cre8ive Network (C8N)

 #1) 100% Awesomeness!

 #2) Principle Centered Leadership +  Knowledgeable, Competent & Trustworthy Production Partners

 #3) When your event is on his screen, Jimi will focus his full attention on producing it A - Z. He'll be your Las Vegas Based Partner & One Point of Contact - Helping You Create More Efficient & Effective Ways To Get Your Stuff Done Right - Especially in Las Vegas, including presentation media + award winning video production.

 #4) Once he knows exactly what you want and need, he will assemble the perfect team to make it happen. Think "Ocean's 11."  Check out some of our core team members by clicking on the Gallery.  Most of us have been enjoying working together, in various capacities, for 20+ years.  Jimi has strong, ongoing working relationships with many industry professionals, some that used to be on his Creative Resources team @ McDonald's Corporation.  They have evlolved into founding partners at firms in Chicago, Prolific Films & Signiture Production Group and in Las Veags, The B2B Group and Always Entertaining; all terrific resource for Jimi & his clients, offering world class facilities, productions + services with no overhead expense for C8N.

 #5) Your event is right when it’s right for you, your people and your brand - according to you.

Trust us, at Cre8ive Network we get it.

 #6) Your Vegas event will be produced in Vegas –> local development/talent/equipment/décor = Best Value with no need to ship anything - it’s all here - ready to roll!

#7) Your event will exceed expectations based on the time & budget you have to invest.

 #8) Nothing will be force fed "off the shelf."  We will cherry pick the best of everything to create only what you need and want.   We live here, we know this town and our network connects all of it's best resources for your benefit.

 #9) We are experienced at creating experiences that change behaviors to produce better results.

 #10) Jimi has successfully managed some of the industry's most creative and largest production investments.   He is skilled at leading huge teams of professionals to deliver successful motivational and profit driven results beyond expectations.  One testament to his vision & leadership is the creation & production of the McDonald’s Managers’ Peak Experience, a $30mm mega event, right here in Las Vegas; attracting, training & motivating over 16,000 McDonald’s Managers contributing to McDonald’s rebounding North American performance.

After many successful years with McDonald’s, Jimi founded Cre8ive Network to make his special brand of creative leadership accessible to other corporations which value premium performance and results.

Your Awesome Event Resource Partner

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